Our work environment also supports innovation and creativity.

We Maintain Cordial Work Environment

We have cordial work environment that seeks to enhance employees’ career ambitions but which does not sacrifice shareholders' interest. Intowebgh is not a typical Ghanaian company as you may find elsewhere. We are a performance-and-profit-oriented business entity. We seriously track every employee’s performance and reward them accordingly. At Intowebgh, we believe in efficiency and proper deployment of shareholders’ resources to the benefit of all stakeholders.

We Value Performance

Our work environment also supports initiatives and creativity. We seek to hire great talents but we also believe in giving people opportunity to come in, learn and become great professionals. We prefer to hire candidates with the right professional attitudes, integrity, respect and candidates who are hungry to learn and perform. We provide training to all employees at all levels and expect higher results from such activities. We eschew laziness and those who take their job lightly do not do well here.

We Are a Growing Company

All our employees fully understand that Intowebgh is still a young and growing company and therefore requires a lot of time and attention to set the foundation right. We have done well and more than compare well with a typical young business in Ghana. We have the right systems and people in place to support our anticipated growth. This also means you may have to work for long hours and at odd times - sometimes on holidays - when necessary.

Intowebgh is not a typical 8-5pm job and all prospective employees must be aware of this - for us, the job needs to get done and on time. However, if you organize your work well, and get your job done on time, you can always close at 5pm as many of our employees do. As a small and growing company, Intowebgh may not be able to offer all the seemingly attractive benefits that fully grown traditional financial institutions may offer but we provide competitive salaries and unmatched professional development with growth opportunities that you will hardly find in our industry.